Justin Jeffries

Director of Client Development


Justin Jeffries is a seasoned Entrepreneur with a background in Business Development and Project Management and has always had a strong emphasis on marketing and brand development. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in crafting robust go-to-market strategies across a diverse range of industries, spanning from financial services and large-scale development projects to custom-designed industrial equipment and emerging commodity markets.

Early in his career, Justin garnered recognition for his out of the box thinking and results-driven management style. He gained prominence by spearheading the expansion of emerging markets within the financial sector. As he progressed, he founded a company dedicated to incubating and refining marketing strategies for startups and small businesses, helping them captivate the interest of potential investors.

In more recent years, Justin has honed his expertise in the dynamic US Hemp and Marijuana industries. He held the role of President at Arbor Vita8, a licensed Hemp Processor based in Alabama. Additionally, he serves as a Board Member at Cannaquip, a post-harvest manufacturing company located in Georgia. Justin also boasts a founding membership at Bread Genetics, a genetics company headquartered in Colorado. Furthermore, he plays a pivotal role as a Shareholder and Director of Sales at Verabloom, a multi-state license holder specializing in recreational cannabis.

Justin Jeffries is dedicated to upholding the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth. He tirelessly strives to make a positive impact on everyone he encounters, both on a personal and professional level, through his strategic marketing acumen and business development prowess.



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