Dan & Mel

present the 6th annual

Naughty List Holiday

With Santa's Stables Bar

@ the Boop Snoot Saloon

First things first


*Your RSVP is an agreement to the house rules.



Welcome to the most festive bash of the year! Join us for a night of merriment, jolly tunes, and good cheer at our 6th annual Naughty List Holiday party hosted by Dan & Mel.
Indulge in the holiday spirit at the Boop Snoot Saloon, transformed into the enchanting Santa Stable Bar. Discover our craft cocktails where each reindeer takes center stage in a uniquely delicious concoction. Get ready to taste the magic!
It’s time to sleigh the fashion game! Dress to dazzle and impress the Clauses for a chance to win a special prize. Show off your most festive attire and let your holiday spirit shine – after all, ’tis the season to be jolly and stylish!
Feel the jingle bell rock with live tunes! Get ready to groove to the rhythm of the holidays as we bring you live music to amplify the festive atmosphere. Stay tuned for more information on the lineup coming your way!
Unleash your inner rockstar and sleigh the mic! Join us for a quirky karaoke session that’s cooler than the North Pole. Belt out your favorite holiday tunes or classic hits and make this night unforgettable with your stellar vocals. Let’s sleigh this, karaoke style!
Feast on delightful, festive foods and delectable desserts! From savory bites that warm your soul to sweet treats that make the season brighter, our menu is designed to tantalize your taste buds with the flavors of the holidays. Get ready for a culinary sleigh ride of deliciousness!

Santa's Stable Bar









Let’s be real, unfortunately Santa’s Elves don’t work for us all year for free to make this happen. Your hosts create budgets for events that are often above the requested contributions.
With that said, we ask only that guests “Match their own energy” Are you planning to drink heavily? Please anticipate paying for the full drink cover.  Only want 1-2? Just chat with your hosts.
We greatly appreciate all everyone does, as it only helps us make these events even more special and full of wonder. Please reach out to the hosts for any contribution questions.


Christmas Cash. Easy, everybody appreciates it. If you are not bringing an approved contribution, please check out the following:

$15 PP

for food & bev

*Limit of 5 drinks.

$10 PP

For Food & single cocktail

Approved Contributions

Reach out to the hosts to see how you can help. Want to bring your skills/food/beverage into the mix? Volunteer them for admittance!

Normally, totally cool with us. We ask only that you text the hosts to ask what they need before you bring a random bottle though. 

Have a preferred alcohol? Bring it with you and ask the hosts to use your bottle for your drinks! (Discounted drinks)

If you wouldn’t see us serving it, or drinking it, please don’t bring it. 😉

*no vodka.. please.
* Quality Gin is always loved.
* Bourbon is treasured.
* Campari is religiously poured.
* Cointreau is ‘spensive for a liqueur
* Beer is welcomed IF:
12 pack or greater of craft beer.
24 pack or greater of light beer

Yes! Please contact Melissa directly to discuss your item! We love our Cooks and Bakers.

*No chips/store bought items or the like will be accepted as approved contributions.


If you want to buy a single drink, they are as follows:

Cocktails- $5
Half Serving Cocktails- $3
shots – $3

Please note, the requested packages listed above are intended only to cover a little under half of our expenses. We appreciate your understanding.

No. 🙂

If they eat/drink, they have to pay their fair share. 🙂

We Look Forward To Hearing From You.


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