High Peaks

SuperMassive LLC not only redesigned the High Peaks website but also fully developed their brand identity and online presence. From defining vibrant colors and impactful imagery to managing their social media, our comprehensive services enhanced every aspect of their brand. We also optimized their e-commerce functions and implemented effective SEO strategies, making their premium cannabis products more accessible to a broader audience.

Project Details

We developed a responsive e-commerce platform tailored to the needs of cannabis consumers, emphasizing user experience and security. Each product, from disposable THC vape pens to live rosin, was showcased with custom graphics and detailed descriptions to educate and convert visitors. Our SEO efforts focused on driving both local and national traffic, aiming to position High Peaks as a leader in the cannabis market.

What We Did

Our collaboration with High Peaks extended beyond website design to encompass a full-scale brand and digital strategy. We created a unified brand identity, including logo design, color schemes, and marketing materials that reflect the adventurous spirit of High Peaks. Social media management and targeted SEO practices were implemented to increase online visibility and engagement, while our graphic design team worked to ensure all visual content was cohesive and on-brand.

Project Results

The new website and branding efforts have significantly increased High Peaks' market reach and customer engagement. Sales have seen a substantial uptick, particularly in e-commerce conversions, and the brand now enjoys higher rankings in search results. Social media engagement rates have improved, reflecting a stronger brand connection with consumers. Overall, our comprehensive strategy has positioned High Peaks as a top-tier player in the cannabis industry, ready to cater to both new explorers and seasoned connoisseurs.





Local Three
Website Design


International Marketing Videos, translated into 8 languages.


Broadened global reach and reinforced brand identity.