The Original OGs

SuperMassive LLC curated a diverse range of content, including daily posts and influencer partnerships, to resonate authentically with the target audience. We also managed real-time engagement monitoring and optimization, ensuring each post was crafted with cultural integrity and relevance to the show's thematic content, thereby maximizing reach and viewer interaction.


Project Details

SuperMassive LLC spearheaded a robust marketing campaign for “The Original OGs,” establishing a strong social media presence for the new cultural interview series. Through strategic platform selection and content distribution, our campaign launched and amplified the series’ online footprint, effectively engaging a broad audience and setting a solid foundation for the show’s success.

What We Did

Our agency was tasked with building an online presence for "The Original OGs" from scratch amidst production delays. We strategically focused on high-engagement platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, employing both organic growth tactics and targeted paid promotions to rapidly build viewer engagement and follower base from the onset.

Project Results

Our targeted social media campaign generated impressive results across platforms, securing a total of 6,537,543 impressions on YouTube, with subscriber numbers increasing by over 33,958%. TikTok saw a phenomenal response with a total of 5,668,410 impressions and followers growing by 237%. Instagram also showed significant engagement, gaining 4,812 new followers in its strongest month. Our strategic approach not only firmly established "The Original OGs" within its target market but also set new benchmarks for engagement and growth in cultural media campaigns.

Original Content At It's Best

We grew @theoriginalogs using all original content in partnership with ECG Productions. With a combination of Organic and Paid marketing, starting from ground 0, as this portfolio is being created, we've gathered 26 thousand followers. Check out their page and give it a follow!

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