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SimpLink - Empower Thought Leadership

a dynamic FREE add-on for SimpConnect


SimpLink is designed to harness the collective insights of your team to enhance your social media strategy.

By engaging staff in thought leadership and content sharing, SimpLink fosters a diverse and inclusive online presence, enriching your brand’s voice without additional costs.


Key Benefits:

Enhancing Thought Leadership

Enables easy sharing of content and insights, fostering inclusive thought leadership and enhancing the company's social presence.

Streamlining Content Creation:

Uses AI to research, create, and moderate high-quality content, ensuring alignment with company standards and reducing workload.

Easy Integration and Cost Efficiency:

Integrates with SimpConnect at no extra cost, enhancing social media automation without disrupting workflows.

Core Features


Content Sharing

Team members share interesting content by submitting URLs and their insights via the app.


Machine Learning

Our system researches and creates content based on the submitted material and adds resources to main link library.


Content Moderation

Generated content is moderated and then turned into blog articles, social posts, whitepapers, and more.

How Simplink adds value for FREE

Consistent Brand Voice

Your team, Your thoughts, your content. All saved and remembered.

Company Engagement

Inform your team about the initiative to gather diverse industry perspectives.

Simple Review, Simple Distribution.

Easily monitor your content to ensure it's up to your standards.

Real Time Support

Access real-time support and answers to your business queries.

Limitless integrations.

Keep your favorite workflow programs intact while maximizing their potential!




Find and Copy a Relevant Link

See a relevant link you want to share regarding your industry. Copy the link.


Open the SimpLink Form

Fill out the simple form with your name, the link, and why you are sharing it.


Watch It Work

A post and/or blog is created based on the link.


Review, Or Post!

The final content lands in your database or is pushed out to your social media platforms immediately.


Reap The Rewards

Benefit from fostering community, thought leadership, and inclusivity.

Let's Get Started.

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