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Meet Our Team

Discover the professionals who drive the success of Super Massive, a team of marketing specialists who apply their combined skills and knowledge to help brands succeed.

Meet the Super Massive Team: The Experts Behind Your Marketing Success

Jason Sirotin – The founder and partner whose vision has propelled Super Massive into being the groundbreaking firm it is today.

Harrison Thacker – Our President and partner, guiding Super Massive to greater heights with his strong leadership skills.

Daniel McNabb – As creative director and partner, he ensures that our clients’ brands are always presented in the most innovative and engaging ways.

Halle Barnett – Our VP of Operations and Partner, She streamlines processes and coordinates resources for seamless workflow.

Reid Pickett – As advertising director and partner, his insights and strategies shape the advertising efforts that position our clients for success.

Joline Falco – The technology director and partner whose modern tech perspectives equip us to navigate the fast-paced digital landscape.

Justin Sirotin – As the director of Marketing Strategy and partner, his strategic planning skills lay the foundation for our result-oriented marketing campaigns.

Looking To Join Future Expeditions?

Are you driven to delve deep into the marketing universe? Do you share our passion for nurturing brands to scale new heights and achieve unlimited goals? If your answer is yes, you may well have found your next team. We invite you to join us in making marketing MASSIVE for brands, regardless of their size. Start your out-of-this-world marketing journey with Super Massive today!


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Broadened global reach and reinforced brand identity.