Daniel McNabb

Creative Director | Partner


This is Daniel McNabb, our resident jokester and digital workhorse. As his title says, Daniel is a wide-branching creative with skills in all corners of digital media including Web Design, Graphics Design, Photography, Video Production & Post Production, and Audio Production. He is obsessed with creating new content, and just can't stop.

Originally from a small town called Rossville on the Georgia/Tennessee line, Daniel moved to Marietta to attend Kennesaw State University where he graduated Magnum Cum Laude with his Bachelors in Business Administration and Certificate from the Joel A. Katz Music Business Program. He spent much of his college days doing Photography and design for Local Artists and clubs at the university.

During his final semester at KSU, Daniel began working with ECG Productions as a freelancer in the film space for a short time where he was introduced to Jason Sirotin. The two immediately hit it off, and from there a business partnership was formed. Jason proceeded to call on Daniel for many of his digital content needs.

Daniel has worked all across the country with everyone from the CDC in Atlanta, to Cannabis Farmers in Colorado. You can find his work virtually everywhere including: magazines, billboards, TV, and more.

Clients have said to Daniel that he sometimes presents more passion for their brand than they have ever seen before, and he believe this be his secret sauce. Daniel truly does not want to do anything just halfway, and is not afraid to speak up when he feels a project is not meeting expectations.

Outside of Work, Daniel spends the majority of his free time with his Fiance and their two cats. He loves to travel, and seek craft experiences from restaurants and bars, and has a plethora of cocktail knowledge he can bore you with. He and his Fiance love nothing more than hosting events for their friends, complete with a fine dinner and special cocktail menu.


Sushi is the most delicious, but you can’t go wrong with Chimichanga on cheat day.

I have two cats named Blue and Zsa Zsa. They are my babies and I love them more than most people.

Hosting. I LOVE giving an experience to people, especially my friends. If you’re looking for someone to make your cocktails, look no further! 

Oooo, before dinner a Boulevardier, but after Dinner, I love a good Old Fashioned. Oh but don’t forget dessert, it’s Pink Squirrel… but with a cube. 

Phone left in the room, or on Do Not Disturb, just exploring new sites and sounds. I prefer a nice quiet evening over a lot of partying, but you can’t go wrong with a healthy mix! 





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Broadened global reach and reinforced brand identity.