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In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, your digital presence is a key melody in the symphony of your success. At SuperMassive Spotlight, we’re committed to amplifying the unique voices of musicians under the guidance of acclaimed producer Harrison Thacker, with the strategic support of industry expert Jason Sirotin. Together, they form a duo that understands every nuance of the music world. Our mission is to ensure your music not only reaches but resonates with audiences worldwide.

Why Artists Choose SuperMassive Spotlight

Acclaimed Production Leadership

With Harrison Thacker at the forefront, our approach to music marketing is deeply rooted in a profound understanding of the production process. His expertise, combined with our innovative strategies, creates a harmonious blend of art and promotion.

Meet Harrison

Industry Insight

Complementing Harrison’s production prowess, Jason Sirotin brings a wealth of experience from working with top music labels and entertainment companies. This duo ensures your music benefits from both creative genius and industry savvy.

Meet Jason

Customized Digital Strategies

From eye-catching website designs to cutting-edge marketing campaigns, our services are finely tuned to echo your musical identity and amplify your digital footprint.

Musicians Packages

These packages are a one time fee.

Basic Package:

"The Launchpad"

*One-Time Fee

5-Page Tailored Website Design & Development:

Craft a stunning online presence with a custom-designed website, including Home, About, News, Featured News Article, and Contact pages.

Dynamic Content Development

Engaging content for all five pages, setting the stage for your brand's narrative.

Press Release/Blog Article Integration

Ideal for showcasing your latest news or thought leadership.

Legal Page Assistance

Add Terms of Use and Privacy Policy services for just $300/year, ensuring your site stays compliant with the latest internet regulations.

Basic Onsite SEO

Enhance your online visibility from the get-go.

User-Friendly Website Editing:

Gain control with an easy-to-edit website interface.

Branded Social Media Graphics:

Elevate your social presence on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Inclusive Hosting:

Enjoy 6 months of hosting, followed by a competitive rate of $125/month.

Domain Hosting for a Year:

Secure your online identity with a year of domain hosting, extendable at just $30/year.

Standard Package:

"Community Engager"

*One-Time Fee

15-Page Custom Website with Portfolio Feature

Showcase your work with a comprehensive, portfolio-integrated website.

Portfolio Page Development:

We'll set up and build five portfolio pages, making your talents shine.

Extended Content Development:

Fifteen pages of captivating content, including a deeper dive into your skills and portfolio.

Advanced Onsite SEO:

Propel your site to new heights in search engine rankings.

One Year of Hosting:

Worry-free hosting for a full year, with a continued rate of $125/month.

Extended Social Media Graphics Suite:

A full array of custom graphics for all major social platforms.

Two-Year Domain Hosting

Keep your domain secure for two years, with a nominal ongoing fee of $30/year.

Premium Package:

"Global Changemaker"

*One-Time Fee

30-Page Elite Website with Portfolio

A comprehensive website with enhanced portfolio features to display a wide array of work.

Extensive Portfolio Pages

Fifteen portfolio pages to comprehensively showcase your talents.

Robust Content Development

Engaging content across thirty pages, including multiple news articles and detailed skill showcases.

Advanced Onsite SEO

Engaging conMaximize your digital footprint and search engine visibility.

18 Months of Premium Hosting

Extended hosting period, with a continued rate of $125/month.

Custom Branding Kit

Includes a custom logo, email address, and business cards for a cohesive brand identity.

Three-Year Domain Hosting:

Secure your online presence for three years, with an affordable renewal rate.

Social Media Strategy and Implementation:

Expert social media planning and execution on one platform, with additional platforms available.

Ongoing Support and Consultation:

Continuous guidance and support to ensure your digital presence remains impactful.

Ready to resonate with audiences like never before?

Choose from our musician-focused packages and start your journey to digital and musical prominence. We offer flexible payment options and a deep passion for music, ensuring your path to success is as smooth as your melodies.


View and select our retainer service tiers based on your needs:

Bronze Package


of up to 2 social media platforms

Content creation & scheduling

8 posts per month

audience engagement & growth strategy


Performance Reporting


Silver Package


of up to 4 social media platforms

Content creation & scheduling

16 posts per month

audience engagement & targeted growth campaigns


Performance & Analysis Reporting


Basic influencer outreach

Gold Package


Comprehensive management of multiple social media platforms

Content creation & scheduling

30 posts per month

audience engagement & targeted growth campaigns


Performance & in-depth reporting


strategic influencer outreach

SuperMassive elevates artists on social media, transforming platforms into stages. Our management strategy enhances your digital presence, creating content that reflects your vision, while engaging and growing your fanbase.

Bronze Package


/ per month

* 3-month minimum

asic social media promotion across 2 platforms

Email marketing campaign

Press release distribution

Silver Package


/ per month

*3-month minimum

Enhanced social media promotion across multiple platforms

Targeted email marketing campaign

Press release distribution & media outreach

Advertising placement on music blogs and websites

Gold Package


/ per month

*3-month minimum

Comprehensive social media management and promotion

Advanced email marketing campaigns with segmentation

Aggressive press release distribution & media outreach

Premium placement on popular sites like WorldStarHipHop

Collaboration with music influencers on TikTok and Instagram

Strategic social media management around the music property

At SuperMassive, we blend traditional and digital strategies to get your music heard. Our artist-centric approach creates campaigns that resonate with fans, utilizing countless efficient tools to expand your reach and impact.

SuperMassive was created to manage marketing for my portfolio of companies, but through the efforts of our young leadership team, it has grown into something truly unique. We approach new clients with the mindset of a relationship, ensuring that it is mutually beneficial and enjoyable for both parties.


International Marketing Videos, translated into 8 languages.


Broadened global reach and reinforced brand identity.