First things first, it is important to understand that Warthog is not an identity.

It is who I am. I have always been a warthog and always will be. From my earliest memory, I get visions. Weird things will pop into my brain and in the last few years I have utilized these new tools that allow me to be able to express and create these unconventional, raw, absurd pieces. 

My artwork is inspired by famous artists like Salvador Dali or Takashi Murakami. I draw on topics I find important or relevant. I am a sensitive and innovative warthog who finds beauty in everything. I try to embody and encourage people to stand up against any fascism, racism, and all the other isms. There are few things that really make me feel deeply to the point of tears. That would be human and animal suffering and pain. War. Hatred. And obviously red wine… that has an affect on us all, don’t lie. 

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