Lydia Thacker


About Lydia Thacker:

Lydia Thacker is a visionary executive coach and organizational development leader, specializing in diversity, inclusion, and equity. She embarked on her professional journey in executive training, swiftly earning certifications from esteemed institutions such as John Maxwell and DISC, and becoming a recognized state trainer with BFTS in Georgia.

By the age of establishing Agosto Associates, LLC, Lydia had profoundly impacted the professional development realm, guiding countless individuals and organizations toward achieving their full potential in a diversifying global landscape. Under her leadership, Agosto Associates has flourished, becoming a cornerstone for leaders seeking to enhance inclusive practices within their teams.

Her notable contributions caught the eye of industry leaders, leading to key roles in community and educational initiatives. Lydia’s influence extends through her positions on the DHS State of Hope Advisory Board and her active involvement with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., where she champions volunteerism and community leadership.

In recent years, Lydia founded Agosto's Confections, LLC, a venture that combines her passion for culinary arts with her business acumen, reflecting her diverse talents and entrepreneurial spirit.

Lydia’s dedication to fostering leadership and diversity has been widely recognized, earning her accolades such as the Top Diversity and Inclusion Officer Award from The Atlanta Business Chronicle in 2018, and naming her a finalist for the Women of Year with Women in Technology (WIT). Her influence was further cemented as she was honored among the 2021 Atlanta Business League’s 100 Women of Influence.

With a rich cultural heritage and a personal background that spans from Brooklyn, New York, to Puerto Rico, Lydia is deeply connected to her roots, which she channels into her professional endeavors. Now residing in McDonough with her family, she continues to inspire as a leader, mentor, and community advocate.

Lydia brings a unique perspective to executive coaching with Agosto Associates, offering a results-driven approach tailored to the specific needs of diverse organizations. Her leadership not only promotes growth but also ensures that inclusivity is woven into the fabric of every strategy she develops. Whether leading youth development programs or executive training sessions, Lydia and her team at Agosto Associates are equipped to transform and empower today's leaders and tomorrow's changemakers.

In summary, Lydia Thacker is an accomplished professional with a background in leadership, diversity, and community engagement. She is the founder and president of Agosto Associates, LLC, and runs her own culinary business, Agosto's Confections, LLC. Her broad experience and passionate commitment to diversity and inclusion make her a dynamic force in the world of executive coaching and professional development.


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